Spawned of Doom Metal, with open minds & experimentation;  Hailing from the northern outskirts of Houston, TX-Project Armageddon consists of members: Brandon Johnson - guitar, Raymond Matthews - drums, and Doomstress Alexis - bass and vocals. After recording and touring with their former band, Project Armageddon embarked in a new direction by stripping their sound down to the foundations and beginning with an experimental, open minded attitude as the basis for writing and performing. Within a few months a 3 song demo was released and a full contingent of live material was ready for the stage.

February 2010 saw the release of Project Armageddon's debut full length cd "Departure": a self released, 45 minute record that stays true to P.A.'s no holds barred stylistic approach, running the gamit from straight out doom to somber acoustic tracks to full out effects laden psychedelic guitar tracks, dealing with super-genetic beings, nuclear holocaust, natural devastation, and religious intolerances.

Project Armageddon continued on an extensive show schedule from 2010 to mid-2011 both in the local clubs and around Texas. In the summer of 2011, Project Armageddon returned to Dungeon Manor studios to record their 2nd full length record: "Tides of Doom". This was then sent out to be mixed by Supernatural Sound in Kultland, OH.  "Tides of Doom" was released in March of 2012 followed the "Tides of Doom - Texas Tour" to support & promote the record. Demo work resumed after touring the Summer of 2012, and amidst a slew of many local shows supporting the local metal scene and touring acts both national and international.  Project Armageddon rocked Austin during the SXSW festival and plans additional shows in Dallas/Ft. Worth and San Antonio. The touring schedule has recently been set taking Project Armageddon around the state and to some new areas as well as supporting more international acts. There has been a recent surge as Project Armageddon has launched into the top 20 Houston metal charts on reverbnation as well as being honored with a segment on the upcoming documentary "Heavier in Houston" the sequel to "Heavy in Houston", documenting the metal and hard rock scene in and around Houston due for release in Spring of 2014.